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Mobile Scheduler

  • Professionals text your Customers your Mobile Scheduler and let them book services online. The Mobile Scheduler will be taking appointments automatically and will update your daily schedule while you are focusing on your business, as it should be.

Mobile Features:

Personalize your Mobile Scheduler

  • Business Logo, Business Name, Business Telephone, Business Location, Offer Mobile Promotions, Websites, Business Hours & more

Business Media Management Tools

  • Add Photo Ads, Video Ads Flyers, Special Deals, Community New & more

Social Integrations -

  • Social Sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more

Real-Time Activity Feed featuring top news + Facebook/Twitter/RSS

  • Seamless sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & more


Scheduling Features:

  • Multiple Service Bookings Your clients can book multiple services and appointments with different employees with a single booking. The total amount due is calculated automatically by the online schedule maker, as well the required deposit payment (if set so).
  • Appointment Management Users can add an appointment manually, edit or delete bookings through the administration panel of our appointment booking software. A Daily Schedule page on the back-end shows all booked services and appointments for each day.
  • Unlimited Services Using the back-end page administrator can add services and define service length and price. Our service scheduling software is the perfect solution for any website offering service booking. Use it as salon appointment software for hair salons, beauty centers or personal trainer or class appointment system.
  • Working Time and Days-off Using the administration page of our appointment calendar software to set your working hours and days off so your clients will not be able to book any services during time off. You can set default working time as well as a custom day off.
  • Email Auto Responder With our appointment scheduling software you can send confirmation emails to your clients and notify them for successful payment or booking received. Tokens are available so that you can customize the message body and subject. You can set the automatic messages and let the appointment booking system handle the email confirmations without your concern.
  • Editable Booking Options Modify booking settings, such as currency, default booking status, deposit and tax percentage. You can set a custom ‘thank you’ page after completing booking. Choose payment method or fully disable payments.